The safety net that helps Americans with disabilities stay afloat

(BPT) – John Miller never much thought about the possibility that he might one day become disabled; he was too busy building and renovating homes throughout suburban Washington, D.C. For 40 years, Miller (a pseudonym to protect his privacy) worked long days with his brother – until an unexpected illness and injury struck. Like thousands.. read more →

Tips to navigate the real estate landscape and find the perfect home

(BPT) – For most Americans your home is the biggest ticket item you will ever purchase. It’s no wonder that people can take months, and sometimes even years, to find the perfect home. When you walk into a house that’s on the market, many times the homeowner or real estate agent has “staged” it to.. read more →

Protecting yourself from cybercrime

Gone are the days when hackers were the weekend enthusiasts you tolerated on the golf course, when viruses were the things that gave you the flu or a cold, and Phish was a popular jam band who served as the inspiration for your favorite flavor of Ben and Jerry’s. With the rise of the Internet.. read more →

Eating out this summer? How kids are now eating healthier at restaurants

(BPT) – As many families make their travel and leisure plans this year, they are happily discovering that a growing number of restaurants – in their hometowns and at their vacation destinations – are offering more healthful and great-tasting menu options for children. With consumers growing more interested in better-for-you menu items, restaurants are responding.. read more →

Surgery insight: What happens while you’re under anesthesia?

(BPT) – Preparing for surgery can create anxiety for some patients. It is not uncommon for patients to be particularly nervous about undergoing anesthesia. Have you ever wondered what happens during surgery and anesthesia? You’re not alone. Knowing you will receive the highest quality and safest medical care throughout your surgery can help ease any.. read more →