Our Services we offer our valued customers with Florida Title & Trust LLC. :

“Above and Beyond” Additional Closing Services:

  •         Post closing marketing forever for all closings, branding the Realtors and Lenders
  •         Online file tracking
  •         Digital closing document storage- forever
  •         Prompt funding, at the closing
  •         Personal commission delivery the day of funding
  •         After hours phone access to Title Agent, Lauren Albrecht
  •         Insurance policy at closing**
  •         Electronic recordings**

Plus…. The Following Traditional Closing Services

  •         Coordinate your closing with the real estate agents, lenders, buyers and sellers
  •         Conduct a title search
  •         Order a survey
  •         Prepare a title insurance commitment
  •         Assist with obtaining hazard, flood and windstorm insurance
  •         Draft the Settlement Statement
  •         Prepare the Deed, Bill of Sale, and other required documents
  •         Schedule and conduct your closing
  •         Arrange to record your deed and mortgage on the public records via internet
  •         Prepare and issue your title insurance policy within 30 days
  •         Mail way closing
  •         Notary services
  •         After hour’s closing
  •         Short sale processing
  •         Title Curative
  •         Ownership and encumbrance reports
  •         Document review

** Ability varies based on Municipality

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Florida Title & Trust LLC

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Florida Title & Trust LLC

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Florida Title & Trust LLC

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Florida Title & Trust LLC

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2665 S Bayshore Dr, Ste 410
Miami, FL 33133, USA

Closing Locations:
333 NE 24th St #309
Miami, FL 33137

1615 S Congress Ave, Ste 103
Delray Beach, FL 33445

1101 Miranda Lane #113
Kissimmee, FL 34741

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